How to choose a Dating Site

In my previous article I asked if online dating has ruined us? Today we’re going to talk about how to navigate the deep waters of online dating.

Make a wish list:

There are several things that you can do to make sure that you choose the right dating site for you. The first thing is to make a wish list. This means that you need to develop a strategy before you begin your search for your potential soulmate. This means that you are going to need to make a list of all of the things that you are looking for a man down to all of the details. Therefore, you are going to need to write out everything down to how many children you want for the future and how you want your family to be.

Keep score:

The second thing is to make sure that with all of the different online dating sites that you keep score. This means that you will need to prioritize all of the traits that you are looking for in a man. You should develop a scoring system based on all of the things that you are looking for. Once you have figured out what the top ten characteristics that you want in a man, then you list another 10 to 15 characteristics that you aren’t looking for. Then you can decide the lowest number of characteristics that you would be willing to part with before you go out on a date with someone who could be your future.

Get online:

The third thing is to get online. There are several websites like, where you can compare online dating sites, are going to be great for helping you to find the person that you are looking for. Some websites are going to be different compared to what exactly you are wanting out of a partner. is for the people who are a little more serious about their life and Tinder is for the person is not looking for a serious commitment. You are going to need to be aware that most of these websites are going to be very expensive especially if you have all of the features activated for your online dating account.

Don’t be funny:

The fourth thing is to make sure that you don’t try to be too funny on your profile. Most of the time, you are not going to look as funny in print as you think compared to what you might be like as in person. This is also going to be true about sarcasm on your profile. Sometimes when a person thinks that they have put something clever on their profile, it is just going to make them look like they are trying to be angry and mean. It is a good idea to read your profile aloud to yourself once you have finished writing it.

Be Selective:

The fifth thing is to be selective. It is good to talk about some of your likes and dislikes on your profile but you will need to be aware that they could discourage someone from talking to you because you have gotten too specific about those things. If you talk too much about all of the things, then if a person does not like the same things that you do, then more than likely, they are going to think that they are not a good match for you.

Be optimistic:

The sixth thing is to make sure that you use a language on the different online dating sites that is optimistic. This means that if you put words in your profile that are optimistic like fun and happy, there are going to be a lot more people checking out your profile. You can talk about something that makes you excited so that you can paint a picture of what a future date with you would be like. At this, it is going to be hard for a person to not want to date you since they are going to be interested in enjoying you on this wonderful date.

Market Yourself:

The seventh thing is to make sure that you are marketing yourself to all of the potential dates. This means that you should not use any old photos on your profile. You should also not copy your profile to add to all of the different dating sites. There needs to be a difference between all of the dating sites. There are three main things that you need to remember. The first thing is that you need to know exactly who you want your audience to be. The second thing is who is going to want to attract to your profile. The third thing is what exactly is going to attract people to look at your profile and talk to you.

Has Online Dating Ruined Us?

Online dating is the latest cultural process that people use to find potential partners. I know that dating sites have not been around for a very long time. However, the modern era of online dating didn’t begin until 1995. During the mid to late 90s, the internet dating scene was not a big hit with the masses. It wasn’t until the mid-2000s until dating sites made inroads.

I remember way back in 2005 when social media sites were first starting to emerge. People were slowly finding out about social media networks. Once they figured out how this technology worked they started to use it as a means to meet other people. Eventually, the culture caught up with the technology and everyone was using getting hooked to the world of online communication. By this time, the culture had caught up with the technology and millions of people were slowly being drawn into the online world of romance. At the time, I knew that this was going to become something big.

People were still figuring out how to intermingle and connect with each other, online. Like me, they figured it out. About 2010 online dating sites were in full swing. The process of online dating had become a standard part of our culture. In 2014 it had become the norm for dating and finding relationships.

Now that online dating is a normal part of our lives, a lot of people are not sure if they still want it around. I for one am in that group. You see, online dating might have changed the way people find love for the better – but it also brought along some unwanted problems. Has online dating ruined us and the way we find love? I would say maybe it has. I want us to take a deeper look at this process, to discover how some people are being turned off by it.

The Loss of Real Connections

Before online dating became a big deal, people met each other face to face. In the past, everyone had direct interactions when meeting a potential partner. As a guy, I know that I had to get up enough courage to ask a girl out or someone I knew would introduce me to her. Blind dates, going out to the clubs and even hooking up with co-workers is a common way that people meet each other.

Online dating has not completely stopped these direct interactions. However, they have significantly slowed them down. One of the biggest complaints that people have against online dating, is the ability to meet people in person. Dating on the internet limits that personal reaction that takes place when people meet. While pictures can substitute for seeing a person up close and personal, people still want the real thing. I don’t blame them. I like staring into a female’s eyes when I first meet her or noticing her body language when I ask her for her number. Maybe, I’m just an old fashioned guy but I just like the little things about meeting a female in person.

The Illusion of Perfection

Online dating sites are designed to put people in the best light possible. Profile users can alter their pictures, create appealing content and make themselves into just about anyone they want to be. However, when their online profiles don’t measure or match up to reality; then the people they meet will be disappointed. I know this to be true because I had doctored my past profiles up with glorified pictures and content laden with lies.

People come to dating sites with the desire to find Mr. or Mrs. Right. They want their dream person to be a certain way and if they are not – then they are quickly dismissed. Online dating creates the illusion that people can find their idea of perfection. A person will probably not find what they are looking for unless they get rid of their unrealistic expectations.

Too many Choices

The world of online dating provides people with a lot of potential partners. Since there is virtually an unlimited choice of partners; people can have too much of a good thing. As a result, internet daters are exposed to a lot of people. At first, this might seem like it’s fun, but the reality is that people tend to believe they can always find someone better. The reality is that this is usually not the case. Once again, most people are deluding themselves into finding that perfect person. I also know this to be true from personal experience.

Keep in mind that online dating is not going anywhere. I Remember that people were getting bored with the bar scene, going to the club and meeting people where they worked and went to school. So, online dating was exciting and different. That is one major reason why it became so big. However, its appeal is going to change.

So, I’ll ask the question once again: has online dating ruined us? The answer is no that it did not but it certainly has taken some key things out of the dating process. I know that people are going to continue to use online dating sites well into the future. They just won’t rely on them as much.

Dating networks will become more sophisticated. While this is important, people will still want to connect with a real-life individual. The future of this technology will just set the stage for an introduction but the actual dating process will continue like it always did before. Two people meeting in person and taking the time getting to know each other.